At Lotus Wealth Advisors Pvt. Ltd. ,we use our experience to provide you a low-risk managed portfolio personally tailored to meet your financial goals. Developed through the booms and busts of market cycles, our advanced portfolio protocol is designed to minimize risk and maintain our clients’ portfolios on the path to their investment goals.

How We Work

1Service Charges Only On Profits
Lotus Wealth Advisors Pvt. Ltd. is the only wealth advising ‘company that puts its money where its mouth is’ that is we have no fixed asset management charges, brokerage etc our service charges are only profit sharing over and above the hurdle rate.

2 Investment Strategy
Our value is our scientific approach to investment.The minimum annual return generated through our proprietary investment rules and strategies has been 66.4% since inception.

3No Pooling of Funds
At Lotus there is no pooling of funds and trading is done in each client’s respective trading account allowing him to have a close watch on his portfolio.

You'll appreciate direct access to your portfolio manager, in-person review meetings and exceptionally responsive client service. We are devoted to our clients' financial success and it shows. Only when you succeed do we succeed.